Sunday, October 2, 2011


This blog is intended to share our class experiences and ideas either during the class sessions or outside the classroom setting to gain the big picture of the flexible learning and also in the domain of TPACK (Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge). We are wondering about some questions emerging from the word "flexible" and "technology". 

Therefore, it is suggested to explore some questions, such as: What is "flexible learning" actually meant? How can we as a teacher or a student be flexible in learning; To what extent do we as a teacher or a student become flexible? Can we take all flexibilities for granted into our learning activities? What kind of technology can we use to support teaching and learning activities? What are the advantages and disadvantages of integrating technology into classroom activities? What are the supportive and hindering factors in integrating technology into school curriculum? 

We expect from this blog that all the questions above can be answered and discussed not only profoundly but also flexibly. Therefore, let's feel free to discuss and share ideas!!!!

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